Man-to-Man Beer Talk. An Interview with Jimmy Kimmel of "The Man Show".
Man-to-Man Beer Talk. An Interview with Jimmy Kimmel of "The Man Show".
By Bob Barnes

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in Celebrator Beer News in April of 2000. Jimmy Kimmel now hosts his own late night talk show on ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel is the co-host of not one but two extremely popular shows on the Comedy Central Network. He's also seen quite regularly on Miller Lite beer commercials. He's the guy who brags to a supermodel that he used to be a guard for the Packers. She then points out that he was actually a security guard for the parking lot. On the Comedy Central show "Win Ben Stein's Money," he is the comical and irreverent sidekick to the straight-laced Ben Stein. On "The Man Show," Kimmel co-hosts with the equally satirical Adam Carolla.

It's on "The Man Show" that Jimmy really lets loose. Here's a testosterone-laden show just for men, to counteract the slew of shows geared toward and watched by women. In today's politically correct society, it's refreshing to see someone who's not afraid to be himself and champion the cause of enjoying what men like to do -- with tongue firmly in cheek. "The Man Show" makes no excuses for the proclivities that men are often lambasted for: belching, farting, girl-watching and what we care most about, beer drinking.

Beer plays a big part on "The Man Show." Naturally, Jimmy is one of my beer heroes. Here's a guy who appears on national television every week and drinks beer on the air! Not only do Adam and Jimmy drink beer throughout their show, but the beer is in a glass, and it's not yellow! The live studio audience is treated to pints of beer to help put them in the right mood to enjoy the show. There's also a character named The Fox who can drink a mug of beer in about a second (but his beer IS yellow).

I recently exposed Jimmy Kimmel to the Celebrator Beer News and some of my own homebrew. Jimmy was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions about our favorite subject.

Bob: Do you remember your first beer?

Jimmy: Not specifically, but I do remember drinking a hot 15-pack of Stroh's from the trunk of my mother's station wagon on a July afternoon in Vegas.

CBN: Your show is called "The Man Show," and you unabashedly drink beer during the show. What is your philosophy about beer and beer drinking?

Jimmy: When I was younger, the idea was to drink as much of whatever is cheapest as quickly as possible. Now I prefer to enjoy it slowly, limiting myself to 12 or 13 per night.

CBN: How do you think beer drinking relates to being a man? Is it essential to manhood?

Jimmy: It isn't essential to manhood, but it certainly helps. Especially in comparison to other alcoholic beverages. Imagine Norm from "Cheers" sipping a flute of white wine. It just doesn't work.

CBN: Can you be a real man without being a beer drinker?

Jimmy: Yes, but only if you replace it with mugs of Scotch.

CBN: Have you ever tried brewing beer yourself?

Jimmy: Yes, from one of those nylon bags. It was awful.

CBN: I'm not sure that counts. Have you ever tasted real homebrew?

Jimmy: Yes, I tasted yours and it was surprisingly excellent. Your bottling presentation could use a little work, though. I'm not crazy about reusing an empty malt liquor bottle some homeless guy probably urinated into before you got hold of it.

CBN: Uh, let's change the subject. Do they have you drink that Miller Lite when you do their commercials?

Jimmy: What are you, trying to cause trouble?

CBN: Do you have a favorite beer?

Jimmy: Why, Miller Lite of course!

CBN: How does The Fox drink beer so quickly?

Jimmy: He has magical powers. He can also heal the sick and fit a baked potato in his mouth.

CBN: Surely he can't taste the beer. Do you waste any real beer on The Fox?

Jimmy: To insinuate that beer of any grade would be wasted on its patron saint is sacrilegious. Do they waste any good Holy Water on the Pope?!

CBN: Sorry, didn't mean to offend. Is The Fox completely smashed by the end of the show?

Jimmy: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on how many takes we need.

CBN: What kind of beer do you serve your audience?

Jimmy: I really don't know. The cheapest beer our producers can find.

CBN: How would you describe the perfect woman with regard to beer?

Jimmy: One who buys it but doesn't drink it. Let them have the wine coolers. I don't like to run out.

CBN: What style of beer do you prefer after having sex?

Jimmy: It's been so long, I can't remember. Usually the beer comes before the sex.

CBN: What kind of beer would it take for you to get Jenny McCarthy to have sex with you?

Jimmy: A beer bottle over the [her] head.

CBN: What kind of beer would you have to drink to get you to have sex with Courtney Love?

Jimmy: I like Courtney Love. The question should be what beer would it take for her to have sex with me.

CBN: Has beer inspired any of your "Man Show" bits?

Jimmy: Beer inspires ALL of our "Man Show" bits.

CBN: On "The Man Show" you have a segment during each show that features porn stars giving helpful household hints. Have you ever considered having a porn star demonstrate how to drink beer out of a longneck bottle?

Jimmy: We will now.

CBN: On one of your shows you went out on the street and asked 100 strange women if they would have sex with you. Did you drink anything to help you get your nerve up before undertaking this bold endeavor?

Jimmy: Nope -- 100 percent sober. Maybe I should have.

CBN: Does Ben Stein like beer?

Jimmy: He doesn't drink at all.

CBN: Why don't you drink beer on "Win Ben Stein's Money?"

Jimmy: Because I have to pronounce French words. I can barely do that sober.

CBN: What about Adam? What kind of beer does he like?

Jimmy: He likes expensive beers. He enjoyed your homebrew.

CBN: What type of restaurants or pubs do you seek out when you want to enjoy some good beer?

Jimmy: I like a big selection, and I like it on tap. No specific place, though.

CBN: Jimmy, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us about our favorite subject. I'm sure our readers will want to tune in to your shows. When do "The Man Show" and "Win Ben Stein's Money" air?

Jimmy: "The Man Show" airs Wednesday nights at 10:30 after "South Park." "Win Ben Stein's Money" is on Monday through Thursday at 7:30 and 11:30 p.m. Both air on Comedy Central.

Bob Barnes is a regional correspondent for the Celebrator Beer News and was fortunate enough to know Jimmy Kimmel when he was an extremely funny 11-year-old growing up (or failing to grow up) in Las Vegas.